USA veteran Wrote:
Jul 09, 2013 12:25 PM
The blame partially resides with politicians and judges who have continued to give special privileges based on race, long after the goals of the civil rights movement were achieved. Most of the rest of the blame resides with the race hustlers who keep racial attitiudes alive. The way to get beyond race is to get beyond race. Quit judging a person based on race (or sex, too). Judge a person based on their actions. Get rid of all racial set asides / preferences / holidays. Treat all as humans. Make "History Months" by continent-of-origin (African-American History month (which should also include Arabic peoples, since they are from Africa), Asian-American History month, South-American American History month (which would include the Brazilian-Americans, who may be of Portugese ancestry and not Hispanic, and would also include descendents of the native South Americans (Incas, etc.), European-American History month, etc. Then we can get beyond race. And, don't treat mere statistical aberrancies as evidence of racism - or, be consistent about it - the NBA should be limited to the percentage of black Americans as in the general population so as not to discriminate against white Americans, Asian-Americans, native Americans, etc., all of whom are statistically under-respresented in the NBA.