JPK2 Wrote:
Jul 08, 2013 12:33 PM
Could there had been a little bit of political intrigue going on within the bowels of the Republican Establishment. Marco Rubio stormed in the scene in 2010, upsetting the Republican Party Establishment. He rode strong Tea Party Support, and to most observers his policies differed little for another Tea Party Freshman Tim Cruz. But, there was one big difference; Rubio had his sights set on the Oval Office, and already gave hints that he favored a moral "Progressive approach" to immigration. For the likes of Mitch McConnel and Jeb Bush (both GOP Establishmentarians) Rubio represented a threat. To McConnell, Rubio had the potential to form a blocking coalition of conservatives to thwart efforts to "get along". To Bush, Rubio's Hispanic background represented a threat to his 2016 presidential ambitions. What greater way to damage Rubio's standing with Conservatives than to get him to agree to join the Gang of Eight, and to make his their poster child. Rubio's naivete and own ambition would blind him to the dangers. It all worked out perfectly. He's damaged beyond repair.