lcrystal Wrote:
Jul 07, 2013 5:28 PM
Did you also know that the "risk factors" they use to decide who is at risk for cardiovascular problems is completely bogus? For example, most people who have strokes and heart attacks NEVER had any cardiovascular problems (they have never had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.). Also, if you look at the so-called risk factors worldwide, contrast the risk factors in the US with those of Figi: in the US, the risk factors include lots of red meat and few fruits and vegetables, but in Figi, the risk factors include little red meat and lots of fruit and vegetables! The only thing the "risk" factor charts actually tell you is what people eat who live in that particular region! Here is some information on the guff being told to us by mainstream medicine over the last 40 years or more. The lies have endangered our health by causing an epidemic of obesity and diabetes, caused millions of people to be put on powerful pharmaceuticals after living according these lies, and promoted discrimination and public shaming based on what people choose to eat. Google "the-worst-lies-that-mainstream-nutrition-has-told-you".