tgraham Wrote:
Jul 05, 2013 1:17 PM
Of course this has nothing to do with the first amendment. However, this will continue as long as the media and really every means of distributing news and ideas are controlled by mainstream liberals and the far left. Liberals and the left will get a pass as mentioned in the article. Conservatives, of which Deen is not one, will get much greater scrutiny. A great deal of this is because conservatives won' t do anything. How many on the right would write a letter to a network? How many would really boycott a product? Not many. If conservatives would spend 10% as much time letter writing, boycotting, walking precincts for example as they spend cleaning their guns, perhaps something could be accomplished in this regard. An old proverb applies to the right in general: "if you have a rich liberal, he buys a newspaper; if you have a rich conservative, he buys a hockey team." This applies to the average conservative as well. I can't tell you how many RW folks I know like TV shows like All in the Family and MASH for example, even wear Tee shirts. These were 2 of the most LW shows in US history.