ronbry Wrote:
Jul 04, 2013 5:37 AM
You and Mike Adams just don’t get it and you never will. In his article, Mike was disrespectful, snide and condescending. His message was not Christ-like, loving or helpful and it certainly wasn’t an apology. Didn’t Christ ask his followers to “Love one another”? As you said, I also disagree with other faiths, including the Evangelicals. But I would never think of hitting someone with a barrage of statements, innuendo and stories about why their church is wrong. On the other hand, if someone wants to know more about my faith, I would explain what I could, and then ask them to humbly study and pray about it. I could never convert anyone to my way of beliefs, but the Holy Spirit can. You asked about the substance of what was in Mike’s article. It has been explained numerous times on this site and others, but it’s apparent that you and Mike won’t get past believing the numerous lies, and distortions that were created and spread by enemies of the Mormons. But that’s alright. I’m sure if you tried to explain some of the quirky beliefs you hold, I would never accept them either. But let’s remain friends and not insult each other. Also, I am deeply offended and hurt when someone tells me I‘m not Christian. I know how I feel inside concerning Christ and his great saving sacrifice for me. It helps me try to live in a Christian manner. Don’t tell me I’m not Christian because you are following a very narrow definition of “being Christian” as decided by some mortal people here on Earth. I propose a compromise. I’ll call you an Evangelical Christian and you can call me a Mormon Christian. We may have difference of opinions concerning the nature of God and his Gospel, but believe me, we’re both Christians, so let’s act like it. Lastly, my biggest problem with the article by Mike Adams is the fact that it appeared on Townhall. I believe in conservatism as far as politics, finances and lifestyle. When I first found Townhall, I thought I found a home where I could read good articles by conservative commentators and other contributors. I did not expect to be hit over the head about my beliefs and have my principles drug thru the mud. If some wants to have a site where they can discuss Evangelical principles, then create a site for that, but leave Townhall a site for all conservatives to enjoy.