bmccormick Wrote:
Jul 03, 2013 11:33 AM
"But it has lifted the left to positions of power and self-aggrandizement, while they promote policies with socially counterproductive results." Too late to stop the runaway train now, just take a look at the Socialist Republic of Massachusetts. I have concluded that voting in this state is a waste of time. Count all the people who derive their income from government in one form or another: Local police, state police, environmental police, MTA police, teachers, professors, case workers and their administrators, engineers, scientists, bureaucrats ad nauseum. These people will inevitably vote democrat, add in all the people on the dole, who will also vote to keep the money coming and you begin to understand why so many career politicians run unopposed. The RNC has virtually written off the state as hopeless. We will just have to wait for, change, until the libs run out of other peoples money. In the mean time I will just keep scratching my head, wondering; with half the population of Massachusetts working in government and the other half on public assistance, who in he!! is putting money in the checking account!