Bran13 Wrote:
Jul 03, 2013 10:23 AM
In addition . . . Stossel says, "I'm furious that there are now 175,000 pages of federal law. No one understands all the laws, but they keep passing more. How dare they!" They dare because: They can do so with impunity. There's no downside for them. They can because a large number of them are lawyers and "making laws" is how they see themselves as work producers. They can because "they see the big picture" and consider themselves more informed, educated, and just plain smarter than the rest of us. Even if they know NOTHING of the object of their legislative efforts. They consider themselves royalty - not citizens - and appear to have lost identification with the rest of us. Our different goals, personalities, needs, cultures etc....are generalized, simplified and squashed into a "them" box.