No-Way-Jose Wrote:
Jul 02, 2013 9:30 AM
"Utter nonsense. York can't name two conservative talkers who ever believed this. He obviously wasn't listening when Rush interviewed Rubio live on his show." I can't give the conservative talkers a pass with the way they handled Rubio. Ultimately it appears that Rush and Levin came to their senses, but they were waaaay too deferential to Rubio -- especially in the beginning. They spent waaaay too little time discussing and mobilizing opposition to this travesty -- especially in the beginning. I feel like their current opposition is too little too late. And all because they felt like they were best buds with Conservative media darling Rubio. You have to admit that Schumer played it brilliantly by using Rubio to largely neuter Rush and Levin. These guys should have been apoplectic with Rubio and been beating the drum loudly and constantly from the beginning. I almost feel like Rush and Levin are in on the whole thing -- they treated it with kid gloves in the begininng and only now are opposing it almost because they feel as if they have to or else risk losing their audience. The damage is already done, however. And then there is Sean Hannity -- a total sellout to the amnesty cause.