old progrmr2 Wrote:
Jul 01, 2013 11:35 AM
Hillary will be a shoo-in, if she runs. This once great Republic is now sick, stupid and all but done! The reelection of Obama proved that. She will garner at least 60% of the popular vote and the blue states control the electoral votes. We will never, ever see another non-progressive, conservative (or even moderate) President. Accept it, we conservatives are a vanishing breed, clinging to the past and dreaming of past greatness, how naïve. The GOP is dead as a national political entity. I grieve for my grandchildren, but my family has also drank the kool-aide and worship at the alter of the radical left because, ya know, they care, they want peace, they want everything to be fair and Hillary IS the smartest woman in the world (I wonder what Valarie thinks about that). The Epidemic of Stupidity continues to sweep the nation.