Farmer5 Wrote:
Jun 30, 2013 11:04 PM
daishi55, On what scientific basis do you believe a fetus is not a human being? It is definitely based on human DNA, it is genetically complete from the zygote forward as it develops in time, it is genetically differentiated from the mother, and it is unquestionably a living entity. The term Fetus refers to a developmental stage in a process which if not terminated results in a living baby. I'm sorry but scientist already understand the fetus is alive, is human, is genetically differentiated from the mother,and is genetically unique even if you will not accept that reality. The maternal appendage argument was long ago put to rest. If you were intellectually honest, you would realize the right to choose is based on a property right claim. It is claimed the woman has full property rights over another human based on her ownership of the womb on which it depends on during a specific developmental stage. The Pro Choice crowd claims ownership of the womb means the woman can kill or keep alive another uniquely human as she sees fit.