jdelligatti Wrote:
Jun 30, 2013 3:06 PM
Looks like TownHall could use some more writers. It's easier to boycott than to add additional support - especially in an economy like this. Apple and Netflix both lost about 25 percent since advertising "gay pride" sections to their media selections - and that's during a time where all stocks are getting the artificial boost from hyper-inflation (due to Obama doubling the dollar supply). This is not a "conservative" vs "liberal" situation - it's a "moral" vs "immoral" situation. It just happens that the immoral party has found a comfortable home within the Democrat party - the party historically supporting racism and sexism - now abortion (a facade of women's rights), and alternative sexuality (a facade of racial/civil rights) – both which are actually "population-reducing" agendas in disguise. And the Democrat party can't get rid of the immorals without losing a huge chunk of its activism power. In the short term, they infiltrated the Ron Paul party to try to keep Mitt Romney from becoming the nominee (a blatant voter-supression campaign – remember the "no 1144" efforts?). They did get their payout of legalized marijuana and same-sex marriage passed in some of the already weaker states; however, they can't survive long-term within the Republican party (which has too much activist strength on its own - namely the core Romney supporters). Ultimately, they did help get Obama reelected too - proving their value and paying their rent to the Democrat party. The "immorals" aren't just people who act immorally, they're people who promote immorality. They're the Occupiers, LGBTP (alternative-sexuality movement), the Atheists, and the socialist/nationalists. They're lazy, immoral, and devious – choosing to lie and mislead, and to infiltrate, and to damage the efforts of their opposition rather than take the high road, honesty, open coordination with party officials, and hard work like the Tea Party has done in the Republican party. Sure, most people have a natural disposition to moral weakness in one area of their life or another. This becomes more of an issue of differentiating between those who acknowledge weakness vs those who actively promote gross immorality. This new holy war becomes more defined as the Immorals vs the Immor(t)als. Again, this is not simply a Republicans vs Democrats issue.