No-Way-Jose Wrote:
Jun 28, 2013 3:09 PM
Does Hewitt suffer from bipolar disorder? It was only about a week ago when he was giving his tentative approval to the Corker Hoeven amendment. Even if he later found some language he didn't like in the amendment you can't go from "tentative support" to calling it a "fiasco" due to some particular language unless you are truly dyslexic on the issue. And then of course he goes out of his way to defend the people that brought us this "fiasco"? If we have politicians that have delivered us a "fiasco" then we need to hold them accountable. You have no credibility on this issue Mr. Hewitt. Clearly, you are trying to play both sides and are just like all of the wavering GOP politiicans out there who want more than anything to pass an amnesty while looking for cover and trying not to be held accountable.