JimofCT Wrote:
Jun 28, 2013 8:51 AM
Rome degenerated. USA is rapidly degenerating. The Supreme Court now tells the citizens of the state of California that voted a rule of law they wanted into existence in an area reserved to the States by our Constitution that they do not have the "we the people " right to set their laws. The Supreme Court also has told all Christians that their ten Commandments are not going to be allowed to dictate what they can do to comply with their religious belief. Honor thy Father and thy Mother is no longer valid and if promoted it will allow the state to charge discrimination because when there is no mother or no father there must be comparable "honoring" because otherwise there is what Justice Kennedy describes as intentional dishonoring. marriage to an Animal or children or multiple marriage partners of one or both sexes and an animal and child can't be too far behind the degenerate future direction of this "progressive" direction. State funded institutions for support of drug addled communities of ever more progressive marriage arrangements should be advanced with food stamps, tax credit incomes and other entitlements for "progressive lifestyle enhancement benefits" to prevent the outrage of the ever growing majority of entitlement recipients who take the redistribution of the taxpayer's money as their rightful benefit else they will violently demonstrate against the 1%-10% traditional freedom loving religious constitutionalists who discriminate against them. .