BrianR.3 Wrote:
Jun 27, 2013 8:27 PM
"Here are the Republican 'ayes:' Alexander (TN), Ayotte (NH), Chisea (NJ), Collins (ME), Corker (TN), Flake (AZ), Graham (SC), Hatch (UT), Heller (NV), Hoeven (ND), Kirk (IL), McCain (AZ), Rubio (FL), Murkowksi (AK)." If any one of those buttheads ever shows up as a GOP candidate for any office for which I can vote -- say, Prez or VEEP -- there's NO WAY I'll ever vote for them. I don't care if the opposition is the devil himself. They voted for a stab right to the heart of the country itself. As far as I'm concerned they can rot in hell.