Cartwright Wrote:
Jun 27, 2013 1:45 PM
I hate to be a gloom 'n doomer, but these days it is getting difficult to be optimistic about America's future. Government expansion, spending, overreach, and corruption just keep growing and growing, despite the fact that this nonsense has simply got to stop if our free republic is to endure. An incompetent pretender who despises America, is addicted to reckless spending, has been laboring to cripple American energy production and free enterprise, is an unrivaled job-killer, and has done everything possible to sow the seeds of discontent and discord just inexplicably got his stay in the White House extended for four more years. In spite of it all, I try to be optimistic. America is resilient. After all, we survived eight years of Bill Clinton, despite his setting us up for 9/11 and laying the groundwork for the housing meltdown. That would be the same meltdown which caused the recession that is perpetually used to justify the tyrannical reign of the biggest fraud of modern times, Barack Obama. Whether or not our republic can survive eight years of this huckster remains to be seen, but the fact that most voters seem to prefer it this way is really not a good sign.