Nancy457 Wrote:
Jun 27, 2013 8:20 AM
Maybe the same question should be asked of Deanna Lutz National Director of the Tea Party Command Center as she is out there excoriating Paula Deen. She and I got into a royal pissing match last night over it. I was called an idiot and removed from their website for my views. I am a Constitutional Conservative and was appalled that Deanna interjected politics into a discussion of people who are sympathetic to Paula on this issue. Deanna, alone brought in the politics and when I called her out on it she went off like a rocket. For someone in her position it was highly unprofessional. I am a loyal member of the Tea Party and was treated like a POS by this woman thinking her position of power gives her the right. She can say what ever she wants it is her right but this was definitely the wrong venue and she made many enemies on that thread last night. I wasn't the only one who was attacked. Deanna Lutz needs to learn the old say of better to remain silent and let people think you are stupid than to speak and remove all doubt.