jerickson857 Wrote:
Jun 26, 2013 3:13 PM
Stop living in Mabubalastan and get into reality. This country has been screwed over since he took office! I don't want to hear anything about Bush this or that, the last five years this country has come down with a case of cancer called ObamaBinBidenitis. And if you want to continue to fork out 33% of your paycheck to pay for the leeches and criminals in this country, along with every other failed program, want 20 million illegals to get Shamnesty and watch your hard earned money go down the tank in the next 10 years, you'd better do something, because I'm telling you, with the way our debt is skyrocketing, jobs still aren't coming fast enough and a failed administration that has lied, suicided, and manipulated the talking heads to get them on the NOBAMA wagon, you are living under a blanket of MEMEMEism that is like none I've ever seen. Shake the cobwebs out of your head. This POTUS is a complete FAILURE and the 65,899,660 (most of them WHITE mind you) can swim in the misery he's caused while us SMART people who voted against hime bide our time until the next election to ENSURE that a democap doens't get back into the White House.