umass1990 Wrote:
Jun 26, 2013 3:04 PM
Fraudio will get away with this if he is not primaried. Future scenario: Once this amnesty bill passes, Schumer & Obama administration will collude to ignore all the security provisions (just like last time!) and start the process of permanent residency so that Illegals van vote as early as 2018!! Rubio will act shocked & ask for conservatives & Tea Party's forgiveness! Fraudio will say he was duped & he should Not have trusted his colleagues & should have listened to Tea Partyers & conservatives/ Unfortunately, with the support Rush & Hannity, the conservatives & Tea Partyers will forgive & forget! I have ZERO trust in Radio talk show guys anymore (barring a few like Savage) since they have become RINO apologists rather than stand firm on conservative principles. GOP shills on the radio kept saying if you do not vote for McCain or Romney because the other side is so bad! There is no difference between RINO & Lib at this point....hope the GOP is no more in few more years! Time for conservative party.