umass1990 Wrote:
Jun 25, 2013 6:12 PM
I agree with many people who expressed the sentiment that it is time to leave the GOP! Tea Partyers, Conservatives and Libertarians should agree on a common plank & start the 3rd party! How long & how many times can the conservatives take the treachery of GOP? The country is already gone to hell with the Amnesty bill - the debt will balloon to 40 trillion dollars in no time when more people join the government payroll. GOP is squarely responsible for this country going to hell since Democrats are acting according to their principles while republicans have strayed from their conservative principles. If conservatives forget the repeated treachery by republicans, then the blame for this country's problems will fall on them! Unless, republicans are voted out of power especially the RINOs like Marco Fraudio & Lying Ryan, we have to blame ourselves since we are empowering them to act like liberals once they reach DC. When it comes to next elections, it is time for "shame on us" - if we cannot eliminate all these people in primary, stay home so that all these RINOs lose to Dems! I have said many times, easier to fight the enemy but much tougher to fight the traitors!!