mjohansen Wrote:
Jun 25, 2013 5:05 PM
RE #1: Republican politicians have demonstrated over and over again that they are convinced that the way to win elections is to appease their opponents and cave in to their demands, even if that means betraying the people who voted for them and supported them. After all, it just stands to reason that if the Republicans give in to the Democrats, then die-hard Democrats will start voting Republican, right? Their reasoning appears to be that if a liberal has a choice between voting for a Democrat who agrees with them 90% and stands up for those beliefs, and a Republican who agrees with them 10% of the time but can be brow-beaten into voting against his own stated beliefs, that the liberal will just naturally vote Republican. Meanwhile, if they tell conservatives that if elected they will enact conservative policies but once elected they support liberal policies, the conservatives will continue to vote for them because ... I believe "they have nowhere else to go" is the phrase. I'm personally in favor of open borders.I understand that most conservatives disagree with me on this. But if I have a choice between a politician who says he disagrees with me during the campaign and then votes consistently with his campaign, and a politician who says he disagrees with me but then turns around and votes the way I preferred ... I'd prefer the candidate who DOESN'T lie. If I can't trust him to do what he said on this issue, even if I don't like what he said, how can I trust him on the issues where I DO like what he said?