Winston8292 Wrote:
Jun 23, 2013 2:29 PM
Hugh, you must be mad!!! Don't you understand that all these measures are just for the show? The main goals are: 1. Amnesty for all; 2. Keep the cheap labor coming. That's it. The rest is a fairy tale. First, I don't believe for one second in 11 million here - it must be at least 20 million. Second, before you celebrate and congratulate, ask yourself about family reunifications; marriages abroad; the cost of social services; schooling; free school lunches; medical treatment, etc. etc. Do you want to pay for all that? If yes, than pay. But not me. My first responsibility is to my family not to Mexicans or Pakistanis or anyone else. I did not invite them here. The only effective solution is the deportation, even a few illegals at a time. The way they came - same way they should go back. I don't want my children dial "2" for English!