OncealwaysaMarine Wrote:
Jun 22, 2013 3:37 PM
Giving illegals amnesty only encourages more of the same. Your question is based upon an erroneous assumption...the same erroneous assumption this entire debate is based upon, and that is, that it is OUR responsibility to 1. either give these people amnesty or 2. do something with them at all. What is THEIR responsibility in this? Where is THAT being discussed at all? They are responsible for their situations, not us. I don't owe them either amnesty or deportation expenses. What WE need to do is arrest any of them we catch and give them the choice to leave or be imprisoned for illegal entry into our country... the same as was always the case when we were a nation of people with common sense and individual responsibility. This is not a group issue. This is an individual issue and should be handled as such. Any INDIVIDUAL who is caught in violation of our laws should be TREATED as an individual in violation of our laws.