LesFalin Wrote:
Jun 22, 2013 2:23 PM
It is not good to criticize the Church. Still, those who lead the various dnominations and many local pastors could be more effective. Many, if not most, church leaders avoid cultural topics. Worse yet, some are actually nonbelieving liberals. Few church leaders teach Christian apologetics, often for lack of teaching resources, and many resist allowing outsiders who can teach and have materials from coming in, if only for fear of introducing conflicting doctrinal views. Even fewer church leaders support the teaching of prayer practices, especially contemplative prayer. And, in my admittedly personal opinion, there is too many standard formulaic components in weekly services . . . and too much singing. All that said, the Church is The Body of Christ, and a great blessing to individual sinners, like me. It would be a dark world without the Church. This, of course, is precisely what secular humanists are trying to accomplish. We must resist this evil. Is it time for ecuminism?