OncealwaysaMarine Wrote:
Jun 22, 2013 1:12 PM
Embracing illegals & Muslims is a device of the Left to destroy our sense of national unity. They’re purposely inviting in 10s of millions alien to our values, no respect for our heritage, no understanding of the Declaration of Independence or Constitution, & no allegiance to the United States of America. They more they dilute American society --in effect -- by trivializing and tribalizing us all into special interest groups based on skin color and other politically-constructed 'barriers' to a national consciousness, the easier it will be to alienate those of us who would reduce the power they are, in doing so, angling to maintain and expand over us. The Democrats are the leaders of this movement, but the Republicans (themselves, harboring the same fear of the Tea Party small government and less D.C. control movement and equally aware of what is at stake to their continued elitist status) are their willing accomplices. None of this putsch for incorporating into our society upwards of 30 million illegally-entered, undocumented, and foreign ideologically aligned individuals is being done of humane motive; it is being done by BOTH parties out of their own selfish political ambition and desperation to fend off the Tea Party and those of like mind, who they see as the greatest challenge to their continued erosion of our Constitution, our holding them responsible for the damage they have already caused with their "social" meddling, and their destruction of our economy, individual responsibility, the rule of law, and our individual liberty.