larsen14 Wrote:
Jun 22, 2013 12:32 AM
My husband and I have Tricare (standard) we do not pay a premium. However it pays horrible it pays the same as medicare and a lot of doctor's do not like to take it. Luckily, my husband has group insurance through his job. He became very ill in 2010 and needed a large pancreatic surgery. The bill was 34,000. Our group insurance paid 26,000, and they sent the balance of about 7,500 to Tricare. Tricare paid "zero" because our group insurance paid more then what Tricare would have paid if they were the only insurance we had. That amount was (you better sit down $ 3800.00!!!!!) That is why no one wants to take Tricare, and that is why we always take our group employer insurance when ever possible. Free is not always good!!!!!