LesFalin Wrote:
Jun 21, 2013 10:09 PM
One of the questions debated below is whether 18 year-olds should be eligible to vote. The answer is categorically NO. The reply is: if they are asked to fight and die for this country they should be ableto vote. I cannot argue with that. However, I challenge the fact that our nation asks ANY 18 year-old to fight for this nation. They have no stake yet in this country's wealth. More importantly, no 18 year-old anywhere has done anything to cause these wars we get into. It is always the 40-70 year olds who cause the wars. It should be the 40-70 year-olds who fight and, if necessary, die for this country. It is an absolute travesty that we ask these beautiful young people to pay the penalty for our stupidity. Truly unconscionable. Shame on our elected leaders. Shame on us all! We should send our elderly into battle first. We have less to lose, and far more to love and fight for. Just arm us with high-tech weaponry and we can get the job done. We are far less risk-averse, and far more grouchy than these nice kids.