oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Jun 20, 2013 6:28 PM
Another reason REALLY to secure the border with Mexico? Well, in the words of Robert Frost, good fences sometimes DO make good neighbors! The FBI says that now the most likely path of entry for would-be Islamist terrorists is border jumping posing as Mexicans. Crossing the Mexican border posing as Hispanics is known to be a part of the Al Queda ilk/Islamist terrorist game plan. The Border Patrol has noted that they have caught some who were CLEARLY not Hispanic, but disguised as if they were just part of the border-jumping job and welfare seekers. But then, quisling ObaMessiah has ordered the Border Patrol to stand down from doing their jobs! Members of the Border Patrol are actually suing Obama personally over this! While the most important steps are to cut off the snake's head of attractions (enforce work place and scotching welfare freebie incentives via simple, effective and cheap E-Verify), closing the border will also help. Below San Diego, we finished the border fence...ILLEGAL alien crossings dropped by > 90%, and the crime rate began to fall! What a surprise!