ThomasHamilton Wrote:
Jun 20, 2013 1:46 PM
response to david 3036 I think I'll take the time to answer your whinny little prattling arguments because like most people on the irrational marriage band wagon you amuse me. NUMBER 1 I don't think anyone should be getting social security survivors benefits at all it is one of the reasons that system is going bankrupt. You could also change the social security laws to easily declare that in YOUR will you can will your benefits to anyone you want for X years (I would say 3) so long as the person would qualify. There no more whinny about SS solved don't need to get married. 2) It is hard enough to tell if someone is marrying to just become a US citizen and then promptly get divorced after or if they really want to get married. I think the laws should be much more strict not less and allowing gays to marry would only complicate the matter sorry life is unfair sometimes. Some people want to run around with their willies hanging out and have rambunctious sex in a public park but that's illegal as well. 3) Military benefits (see social security solution) it's just something you have to make clear and declare like you would in a will. Finally the reason for the supposed supreme court bologna. If you read any of my posts I hate our current tax code and would in it's place put a fair or flat tax that would mean NO ESTATE TAX (except possibly by the states). I am by the way all in favor of the states making their own laws and regs don't like that Texas won't let you marry your five blow up dolls than move to Massachusetts or Hawaii they probably will.