oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Jun 20, 2013 10:53 AM
earlier wisdom here (slight edit)-- Mary Wrote: Mexico is NOT our good friend and neighbor! They cheered in Mexico when the WTC towers were bombed. They promulgate never-ending propaganda to their many often ignorant poor people -- how to get into the U.S., how to get jobs and live in sanctuary cities, how to dodge capture, how to sponge off U.S. generosity/naivete, how to send back $16 billion/yr. Mexicans believe it is their RIGHT and destiny to overtake the US and throw us out-- the Reconquista. They BELIEVE that much of our Southwest was wrongly taken from Mexico. Make no mistake-- Mexico and its rotten government have NOTHING good to offer its citizens, so they saturate their population with anti-U.S. venom, and urge their 110 million to infiltrate and milk America. They teach the Reconquista agenda in their schools...until many drop out by the 8th Grade and then come up here. Enablers here like remote "elites" Linda Chavez, Michael Barone, Larry Kudlow, Jeff Jacoby, and other open border, NAU advocates and Obama/the Left facilitate our demise by defending and encouraging the ignorant poor to come up here. ILLEGAL aliens are ALL "undocumented democrats."