Nabuquduriuzhur Wrote:
Jun 20, 2013 1:20 AM
I address it in National Wave of Foolishness. I don't think most have a true idea of just how bad it's become: "Affirmative action is a common method. A person has to fight to get the money for a college degree, all too often can’t get financial aid unless they are of a targeted group, then, particularly in the last decade, finds out that their field is “closed” to them because “their kind” isn’t hired now and only AA hires can get in. What is an AA hire? There is the official definition or definitions, but in actual hiring practice, since the 1970s, an AA hire means when someone who is less qualified, who is hired for reasons of race and/or gender, over someone more qualified for a given job. Qualified can mean more education, and/or more experience and/or greater skill level. In actual practice, an Affirmative Action hire is not where a well-qualified person who is of a minority and/or female is hired over a less qualified person. When it's a matter of qualifications like that, that would simply be hiring someone for a job, as happens every day in uncounted places, worldwide. Yes, it happened occasionally that minorities and women were not hired for the reason of being minorities or women not long after AA first became law, but that type of thing was always the exception, not the rule, by the time AA laws came into effect. There were places like the deep South where discrimination was much worse, but even there, it varied tremendously by location and by business or by government. There were a few genuinely racist/sexist businesses and government job slots that AA opened the doors to at the onset, but by the late 1970s, the pattern of less qualified hires over the more qualified was solidly set in place. By the 1980s, companies and governments were afraid to even look sexist/racist and as such, that was the time to end the practice of Affirmative Action, as any legitimate reason for AA had passed. Instead, in 1993, the practice of waiving qualifications began in earnest at the Federal level. That type of official, country-wide racism/sexism has had a lot of far-reaching results. The Federal Government gives special consideration under the law to what are called "protected classes." AA is only one example of this special consideration. Additional rights, privileges, programs, grants, opportunities and so on. Seems to me that MLK and thousands of other civil rights pioneers from the 1700s on had something to say about that type of thing."