USMC 64-68 Wrote:
Jun 19, 2013 8:44 AM
No Compromise w/ Schumer & Durbin (a.k.a. Obama's Plan) It breaks my heart to see Rubio and any other republican support this immigration bill. Anything championed by Schumer and Durbin is poison to America. The democrats are locked in on their goals: amnesty for illegals (no, they're not "undocumented," they're lawless invaders), increased load on our welfare, increased taxation of wage earners, more democrat voters, and the further subversion of America. Unfortunately today's version of "republican" feels their highest priority is to "compromise." Any compromise with the progressive democrats who have the goal to subvert America (a.k.a. fundamentally transform America) is to enable the socialists and lend their hand to selling out Americans.