Winston8292 Wrote:
Jun 18, 2013 4:31 PM
I'm losing any respect for Byron York, really. Immigration debates are only about borders? You must be kidding me, Byron. The debate begins with border security as the first non-negotiable condition not for legalization but for the discussion about one. It should continue to illuminate the following: 1. What is the real number of the illegal immigrants. I believe it's more than 20 mil; 2. No welfare. Who will refuse welfare checks for poor Mexicans. Unrealistic. 3. No Medicaid. Who's kidding whom? Any legalized worker injured, cut, in pain will be given medical help immediately. 4. Family reunification - will bring another 20 to 30 million foreigners here. 5. Marriages abroad, real or fictitious - will bring another 20 to 30 million here. 6. Not a single immigrant will pay back taxes as being poor and exploited; 7. Not a single immigrant will pay penalty as being poor and exploited; 8. Not one will pay taxes since manual laborers will earn below taxation minimum. 9. The cost of implementation: welfare, free schooling and free school lunches, subsidized housing, Medicaid, etc. will cost the country whooping $6.3 Trillion. 10. Worsening race relations will lead to turf wars, gangs activity, hatred and segregation. This is just from he top of my head. And you're saying, Byron..?