Erwin44 Wrote:
Jun 18, 2013 9:48 AM
My son just graduated high school and is a strapping young man, heading to college on an academic scholarship .... and his God-given future. I still recall clearly what it was like when he was born prematurely, was near death, a tiny pink infant clinging to life—and send my thanks to God every Sunday for giving me a son like He has—along with my other children. I doubt hardened leftists see, in their collective mind's eye, a vision of premature infants, struggling for life, more vulnerable than any other American, any other human being—the same way I do. Nor do they see the future of such apparently 'insignificant' persons. Let's face it, a preemie in an incubator cannot be a "bundler", bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars ... No. A preemie is literally a human sacrifice, destroyed on the altar of power, fed to the remorseless, grasping members of our Kakistocracy ... simpyly given a female face by the smug rictus Kathleen Sebelius ... and her ilk—but not limited to her—simply personified by the cold, indifferent attitude. Obama speaks on the most insignificant issues, cavorts with rappers ... holds "beer summits" ... and evidences no interest in our most vulnerable citizens by making no comment on the monster Gosnell. I take that back, our leader speaks loud and clear, where he stands.