m90 Wrote:
Jun 18, 2013 7:55 AM
Corporations do not pay wages, taxes or any other expenses they incur. Alll costs of doing business are paid by the end consumer - US. Corporations who take in more revenues than they incur expenses are going concerns. If we don't buy enough of their output to cover their expenses, they stop being going concerns. Large corporations can sustain longer periods of negative profits while smaller corporations, like a startup restaurant, may fold up rather quickly. When government steps in and artificially props up a corporation with taxpayer funds, it pulls money out of the privae sector hat could have been used to better purposes - or not - but does unfairly tip the balance of competition in the marketplace. Thus we have what happened in the financial and automotive sections of our economy. The sole automotive company that did not take government money dug itself out and appears to be doing better than those who took the devil's deal. Governmentr meddling in the marketplace in heal.th care insurance is going to be a disaster. A true waste of money and effort wih the end result being more uninsured han we had when government decided to "fix" the uninsured problem.