Incredulous2 Wrote:
Jun 18, 2013 4:45 AM
Gerson, member in good standing of the Dem/Prog/Lib cabal, works feverishly to maintain the failing Konstruct, which is the goobermental propaganda machine. Failure on his part to do so would expose him to the harsh reality that is life outside the deceit dome of D.C. Yes, he works for and vigorously propagates the now naked distortion of gooberment as some benevolent, caring, providential source, when in point of fact its becoming home to the author and father of all lies. His superior in intellect and fellow traveler on the road to this nations perdition, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, are both soul-mates when it comes to belief in our foundational principles and the Constitution. His time and relevance is passed, he simply refuses to admit it, especially to himself.