Euripides Wrote:
Jun 18, 2013 12:23 AM
Like it or not, homosexual behavior (which is different from same-sex attraction) crosses the social boundaries of moral custom and moral behavior. To claim homosexual behavior is akin to race or gender is to propose a false analogy. There is no such thing as equality of morality. Yet gay activists will insist that their particular moral ideal must be the only valid moral standard and therefore must be protected by law. Gay ideology has become a religion based on same-sex attraction. Its gospel is the redefinition of marriage to suit gay dogma and sexual preference. It defends its gospel with every ounce of evangelical zeal shown by so-called Christians. It hijacks the civil rights movement, claiming the kinship and suffering of Blacks in America. Through leftist propaganda, it claims the minds of children, inuring their minds to blind acceptance.