RtWgNt Wrote:
Jun 17, 2013 4:12 PM
Just look at the woman from CBS, then look at every other progressive POS, whether they're a politician, "journalist, news anchor, or just a run of the mill OWS 47%er type, they ALL look the same. They fit every stereotype that exists for liberals, progressives, Democrats, etc. The women all have the butchy haircut, most "male" and female wear those idiotic black glasses w/ the thick frames, which are "in" right now I guess, every hipster dufus has a pair. They all us the Tea Party "is bad" TPs, and they all have that consdescending, elitist, smug look on their face. These pukes were the outcasts you knew in HS, now they're in power and they're taking EVERY opportunity to strike a blow for mediocre trolls everywhere. They need an atomic wedgie, then turned upside down and stuffed in the toilet for a swirly.