Robert170 Wrote:
Jun 16, 2013 7:08 AM
What the Establishment GOP doesn't get is Rubio has ALREADY shot his wad. He'll never be President. So Rubio, you might as well keep pushing Amnesty, you are already damaged goods. Gov Perry, the Hope of the GOP, was ahead in the polls, then did the heartless gaffe on Immigration. Dropped 30 points in a week.Done. Newt Gingrich, was ahead in the polls, then backed Amnesty, dropped to 4th or 5th that week. Then he slapped at the MSM, came BACK as #1, then backed Amnesty AGAIN. He was never a contender after that. Same with Santorum,. He was for the Dream Act. Romney said no Amnesty, although had a weak push at that, then won the primary. He lost because Christians couldn't vote for a Mormon, and stayed home. Add the rampant voter fraud in the battle ground States, and Romney lost. Yet NONE of these dolts will ever admit it was AMNESTY that killed their runs. And McCain would have done a lot better in 2008, if he had not been squishy on Immigration and was a Ted "I killed a Girl" Kennedy buttboi. He had already made his Amnesty Hound credentials, and Conservatives stayed home. Rove, Bush, Gingrich, NONE of them will admit it was Amnesty that killed the GOP Presidential aspirations in 2008 and 2012. Immigration polls #4-6 as issues in the polls, yet when you go to the townhalls, everything is fairly calm until IF Immigration is allowed to be brought up, then all hell breaks loose. Yet these idiots still want to say Immigration isn't an issue. Riiiiiight. And THAT is why the GOP is known as the "stupid Party".