bmccormick Wrote:
Jun 13, 2013 1:04 PM
I agree: “the immigration crises is no crises” in the context of the democratic voter,.I mean amnesty bill. BUT there is a crises surrounding this issue that is an actual crises. Our uninvited guests from south of the boarder send their kids to our schools where they receive remedial education and ESL classes on our dime. They avail themselves of health care at our hospital emergency rooms on our dime. They often collect welfare benefits on our dime. And immigration isn't the only US law they have no regard for; They often drive without licenses, or insurance and when they kill somebody in a DUI wreck, they skip back across the border to avoid taking responsibility. Not to mention those involved in more serious crimes from drug trafficing to rape and robbery even murder. While I'm at it, lets not forget those here on visas who collect welfare while plotting to commit acts of terror. Yes Virginia there is an immigration crisis, but the answer is not amnesty. Will anything in the immigration bill solve any of these problems? I think it will only make matters worse. We already have more than enough people in this country who can not or will not support themselves, we don't need any more thank you. There are too many criminals, people who do not respect our laws that are already citizens. The police and courts can't cope with the numbers as it is, we don't need any more. The solution to this crises is simple and it does not require amnesty. STOP DOING IT!!! Stop giving them tax payer funded benefits, stop allowing them to go free after committing an offense, no matter how minor. If you are not a citizen you are by definition a flight risk, no bail. They are uninvited guests or guests that overstayed their welcome, start treating them as such, give them the boot. These people came here knowing full well that they were doing something illegal, no one forced them to come here and no one is forcing them to stay. If they can support themselves while living in the shadows and stay out of trouble, fine. If not, then don't let the door hit you on the way out. In the mean time close the freakin border.