cashe Wrote:
Jun 13, 2013 12:46 AM
I guess the question is, "is there more profanity in real life or in movies"? Try hanging out with some college students for a day. Or some men in the military. Or an ex-con, or a drug dealer, or some cops. You will hear the f-word more than you can count. Now hang out with some businessmen, some entrapreneurs, some engineers, some government workers. They use the f-word more for emhasis and not as often, but you will still hear it a lot. My point is that swearing is in life and that is why it is in the movies. A movie about drug dealers without swearing would be inauthentic, wouldn't it. A movie about cops with no swearing? Never gonna happen. There are plenty of animated films that are quite good with no swearing. See them. But don't go to a movie about cops or criminals and complain about the swearing because that is how cops and criminals talk.