jdelligatti Wrote:
Jun 12, 2013 4:50 PM
The article notes that "The real question is whether either sex functions as well with the other sex around. If you don't think either sex finds the other sex distracting, you are ignoring thousands of years of experience around the world." DADT essentially devalued virtue in the military. It already had enough problems, but this made it worse. Fraternization instances have also skyrocketed according to a recent Navy retiree familiar with the issue. During the DADT policy enactment and its later repeal, all military men instantly became non-consenting pornography to the homosexuals among whom they now trained. Shared showers, stall-less toilets, tight "butt-to-groin" formations and other close physical activity now provide unavoidable opportunities for homosexual excitement and encounters. As where straight men couldn't go through bootcamp with a spouse or girlfriend, now homosexuals could. Homosexuals can be stationed together and can openly go on six-month deployments with a sex partner - a romantic cruise for a testosterone-filled sex fiend basking in an immodest co-ed environment. Imagine the implications of having co-ed living, showering, tent-sharing, and physical activities in the military. That's what homosexuals essentially have. With this increase in on-the-job sexual freedom and lax attitudes surrounding sexual morality and sexual fraternization, it doesn't only affect homosexuals, it affects everyone serving in the military - including heterosexuals.