an army employee Wrote:
Jun 10, 2013 4:23 PM
Syria is in a civil war, with the winner and loser coming from within the country. The US record of intervention in civil wars is not good for winning. That said, if we are to get involved in any conflict we must make it clear that we are in it to win. Any and all options should be placed on the table against the enemy, including nuclear. We should also make it clear to the populace that, in the words of a general, "War is hell." We should do away with the use of precision guided munitions, no more taking care to avoid collateral damage. If you do not see the damage and horrors of a war you do not fear the use of war and are willing to continue the conflict. With the carpet bombing of Germany in WW2 it was made very clear to the populace that there really was a conflict going on and that they were in danger every day that the conflict continued. In Iraq, on the other hand, you had single buildings bombed with little or no damage to the neighbors. As such, the population after the actual conflict ended was more willing to continue the conflict by changing it to the use of IEDs and such. Bottom line, not good to get involved but get in it to win it if we must.