JimofCT Wrote:
Jun 10, 2013 9:32 AM
Ignorance is not in t5he equation. Obama set out with an agenda as radical as was ever seen in a President. His objective to "Transform America" indicated clearly his disrespect - ne dislike - for this free enterprise Republic. The idea that a bigger and more powerful federal Government dominated by a most powerful Executive Branch and its radical agenda President was endorsed by the "progressives" in the "main stream media". All that has been done was done with "malice of forethought" and anyone still refusing to recognize this is doing so because they are sympathetic to the objective and do not want to preserve the America we have maintained under our Constitution. Obama and his administration regularly and continuously disregard the Constitution usurping our God given rights in so many ways it will take enormous effort to undue the damage that has been done already. Americans must first reach the place where it is possible hear the truth about the many unconstitutional actions and conclude that they must be stopped. This affront will continue until then and it will be increasingly difficult to preserve our Constitutional form of Government by laws passed by representatives acting in response to the wishes of the people rather than the dictates of executive orders and regulations imposed by radical "progressives" who have disdain for that Constitutional system.