nfaber Wrote:
Jun 08, 2013 12:19 PM
The only way things will be fixed is if everyone stands up and demands they stop trying to restrict and deny the rights and freedoms granted by the Constitution, Bill of Rights.... Since the government signed a law where Security for the President and Wh can now force the public to move out and off the property of the Capital for protesting .... it will be harder for the people to voice their opinions on the steps of the WH where it is the people's house and was paid for by the people, but now it is a restricted area if the Secret Security for the WH wishes to remove the people. Control and snoop and punish those who don't share the same values or beliefs... is what this corrupt group of politicians and governmental officials seemed to be running everything. The fight against this corruption by the decent Congressional Members and others in the political scene need to stand together and with the American People to take back our rights and freedoms.