Charles3446 Wrote:
Jun 07, 2013 11:36 AM
Yes, we SHOULD trust the feds. After all, the immigration department has FAILED to do its job for OVER 50 YEARS! (5 different amnesties PROVE that). The feds LIE, and FALSELY claim that anti-immigration groups are racist, WHEN THEY JUST WANT THE WORTHLESS GOVERMENT TO DO THE JOB THEY ARE PAID TO DO! And the IRS will DO NOTHING TO non-Profits that are OPENLY TOTALLY FRAUDULENT (Most anti-gun groups have been telling OBVIOUS lies, for 4 DECADES). The feds STILL PRETEND that the Cuban Missile crises was the last time the Soviets tried to attack America (Ignoring the 5 times that I STOPPED THEM. AND IGNORING THE 4 ATTEMPTS TO INVADE WESTERN EUROPE)! And the FEDS LIE AND COVER-UP THAT IT WAS SAUDI ARABIA THAT HAS OPENLY SAID THAT THEY WANT TO KILL AMERICANS/ WESTERN EUROPEANS. Each and EVERYTIME they try to get Nukes, it is TO KILL NON-MUSLIMS (and EVERYONE IN THE WESTERN WORLD IS CONSIDERED A non-Muslim, so it includes converts to Islam). This list would go on FOREVER, if I had the time to keep writing.