Charles3446 Wrote:
Jun 07, 2013 11:20 AM
You are 100% CORRECT! In 1989, the Soviets went to China to tell them it was time to invade the USA. China REFUSED!!! The Soviets sent a man to Mexico, to ask them to join in the invasion. The president-elect of Mexico also said, "NO!" The CITIZENS of Mexico OPENLY GOT ANGRY, PUSHED THE PRESIDENT-ELECT ASIDE, and ALLOWED A (NON-ELECTED) CROOK take the office of President of Mexico. Then the citizens of Mexico OPENLY SAID THAT THEY WOULD STILL INVADE THE USA, by using ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, and THE FACT THAT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT CONSISTENTLY GAVE ALL THE ILLEGALS AMNESTY! They would just keep coming to the U.S., until they controlled it! (Their words.)