ronbry Wrote:
Jun 06, 2013 4:30 PM
Wow Mike, you really got the mormons with that article. Now let's do the catholics. I'm sure you've got plenty of dirt on some of the popes who ordered the torture and death of people who disagreed with them. Then there are the ones who had mistresses. How about the inquisitions in which many people were burned to death. And some of their unbelievable teachings and practices. After you finish with the catholics, you could start on the jews and then the muslims. I'm sure there is plenty you could say there as well. If you really get going, you could start to look at some of the preposterous stories in the bible, like: a flood over the whole planet, a bay born from a virgin, a man walking on water, then bringing another man back to life. Finally, someone who was killed on a cross, but then suddenly came back to life, although we can't see him anymore. Come on Mike. Do the christian thing and not stop with the mormons. There is plenty of dirt on any culture and numerous stories that are unbelievable.