rknoch Wrote:
Jun 05, 2013 8:30 AM
The 'gorilla-lurking-in-the-mist' is Bernanke's 20+ Trillion Dollars of 'Virtual Cash' floating around the world . . . concentrated in our Stock Market. When Bernanke retires to the South Seas and his 'Virtual-Cash-Machine' is slowed or shut down (it has to stop sometime?) the world will experience inflation never known before . . . . and a Bear Market that will set records, forever. Speaking of inflation . . . . food, gasoline and consumable products have already inflated around 65 to 100% since obama's first coronation . . . check your grocery bill if you don't believe what's already happening . . . the Fed's report 1-3% annual inflation, which is a joke only they can enjoy.