mvaughan Wrote:
Jun 04, 2013 12:32 PM
Joan you said that perfectly. When my immigrant Great-Grandparents came from Hungary and Ireland they came here not only to reap the benefits of freedom and opportunity to have a better life, they were proud to BECOME AMERICAN citizens. They went through the process and were proud to do so. With all the amnesty that has been and continues to be given, immigrant have no reason to learn English, learn American History, or to even be proud of this country. After all, they are still citizens of their native country and could easily leave any time they wish. Our nation was built on all people being citizens of the "new country" they chose to live in and would therefore be loyal to that country. What we have now is millions of people who want to reap the benefits, but maintain their non-American ways and are being protected to do so under our American civil and freedom acts. Absolutely ridiculous. These people aren't proud to be American because they are not. They should be made to go through the immigration process like all of our ancestors did and THEN and ONLY THEN should they have the same rights as those of us who are LEGAL AMERICANS.