wordkyle Wrote:
Jun 02, 2013 7:49 AM
The Laffer Curve is a mathematical given. However, arguing its essential truth is pointless when the Liberal view of taxation is emotional or ideological. Democrats have no problem taking the maximum legal deductions on their own tax returns to pay minimum taxes, yet they criticize the wealthy for doing the exact same thing. Obama famously said he preferred higher taxes on high income earners even if it meant reduced tax revenue, because of "fairness." The problem, of course, is that to Liberals "fair" is a synonym for "more." Liberals can never raise the tax rates on anyone enough to satisfy their hunger, until they reach the political "Laffer Curve" point where the price they pay politically is greater than their instinctive theft of others' money. We need to make sure that they continue to pay that price, preferably sooner rather than later.